Site Updates
06.02.01 -- News and Shows have both been updated!  Check out the Lights on tour!
05.01.01 -- Lots of updates: News, Shows, Music, Audio and Links.  (note: the gallery will be repaired soon!)  Happy Bday to Matt and this Website!
04.08.01 -- Sweet Release will be out on May 1st, 2001 -- aka Matt Murphy's Birthday!
03.17.01 -- Some new News!  Vote for the name of the new album.  Added some new links!  Answers to the "interview the band" contest coming soon!
01.08.01 -- Happy New Year!  Updates to News, Order Info and Links.
12.07.00 -- Press (Hamilton Spectator Article) and Links have been updated!
12.05.00 -- News, Shows and Links have been updated.
11.29.00 -- THE COMPLETE SITE IS FINALLY ON LINE! Check all the pages for updates!
11.07.00 -- Check out the brand new Links page. And really, sign up for the updates list (below).
11.06.00 -- News and Shows have both been updated!  Also, sign the NEW GUESTBOOK!  Thanks.  More updates coming by the end of the week!
10.03.00 -- New site finally goes on-line.  It is nowhere close to being completed but I didn't want to keep it off line any longer.  Enjoy!
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