Tour Highlights
The Flashing Lights have been on the road recently supporting their brand new album (scroll down for more on that).  They were kind enough to send in an update from the road.  Enjoy!

Finnish pancakes in Thunder Bay, Matt and Gaven give the fans the full monty in Winnipeg, and tambourine and tambourine player demolished in Saskatoon.

Overheard at the show
"They never cease to amaze me."
"Didn't Matt where that shirt last tour?"
"Hey, sorry I'm late. Did they Karate Man yet?"
"Why is Drew playing bass?"
"Owwww! I got a shard of that tambourine in my eye ball. May beautiful eyeball!"
"That was so cool. Henri just played staccato in the chorus, switched to legato in the verse and pianissimo in the middle-eight. Then mezzo forte in the coda.  And I could have swore he just quoted the head of 'So What'."
"Those shirts they are selling are pretty skanky. They must have made the design
"They never seem to amaze me."
"Ooh! Sweet Release!"

Check out the Lights on tour!  A Toronto date has been added! Click here for shows.
Sweet Release available now!
The second full length release by The Flashing Lights is now available.  Pick it up today!

Track Listing: Been Waiting, Same Thing Twice, Since They Were Crowned, Friends You Learn to Hate, Keep it to Yourself, Too Delightful, Same Old Life, It's Alright, Aim To Please, Where It Started, Landslide.

Get it: HMV , Maple Music or your local record store!

Read the official Press Release.

Sweet Release - Available NOW!

Is it a Sweet Release?
Got the latest FL album? Submit your thoughts about "Sweet Release" and have them posted on the site.  You may even win a Flashing Lights prize!  Click here to review the album.  Also, check out an interview with the guys on HMV.com and a nifty article on exclaim!



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