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Strikin' a Pose Chilin' with da F.Ls laid back jack! Kickin' it FLs style!
Photo Credit: Chris Murphy and Jannie McInnes

Someone from my hiiiighschool! Matt Murphy chats it up
Photo Credit: Laura MacDonald [on Open Mike]

Henri, Matt and Gaven Just Hangin' Out Henri, Matt in a bikini and Gaven! It's Gaven!
Photo Credit: Jessica Kroez [@ CFNY 06.02.99]

Matt and Beatle Bob Henri Sweet-sounding vocals
Photo Credit:Jen & Davina [@ THE HORSESHOE 06.12.99]

Henri! Matt & Steve Gaven & Matt
Photo Credit: Jen Ciliska [@ THE RIVOLI 06.12.99]

USA! USA! Rockin' down the big apple Rock Star Matt Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man!
Photo Credit: Dollie Banner [@ THE KNITTING FACTORY (NY) 07.21.99]

up close and personal flashy flashing lights! MORE flashy! Matt and a tambourine Guitar Hero
Photo Credit: Jen Ciliska [@ Hi-Fi's 07.30.99]

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