Frontman War Tour Pictures

Here are some photos from various road trips that The FL Brigade have taken in 1999.  Thanks to Gaven for submitting these excellent pictures!

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This is our trusty horseless carriage,"faith"

"here we've captured matt during an intimate moment ontour.  proper nutrition and a healthy diet are important to the flashing lights brigade, as you can see..."

this is us outside the metro in Chicago....

the group shot is of all of us [Local Rabbits & The Flashing Lights] in was like -40 below then! it was the "last night of the tour"......sniff, sniff,

I forget which show this is...? oh wait!'s peterborough.

we were in Lethbridge Alberta, outside the city in the hoodoos (rock formations) on the site of the last battle between indian tribes took place...(i'm attempting to re-enact the epic battle)
Commentary courtesty of Gaven Dianda.

G A L L E R Y  D I R E C T O R Y
Pictures from 06.99 - 11.99
Pictures from The Elevature Video Shoot

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