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East Coast & Canadian Music
Netulive Interview (+ live show)

CD Reviews
Where The Change Is
Cd Consumer
Metro Times
Pitchfork Media
Superstar In Stereo
CMJ May 2000
Magnet June/July 2000

Show Reviews
NxNE with Thrush Hermit (Toronto 06.12.99)
The Frontman War Tour (Windsor 10.19.99)
The Frontman War Tour (Toronto 10.22.99)
The Exclaim! Party (Toronto 04.01.00)

Various Articles on Canoe Jam!
Elevature Signals New Direction (05.20.00)
The Flashing Lights Shine a Light (05.08.00)
The Flashing Lights Switch on.. (06.03.99)

The video for "Highschool"
The Frontman War Tour Archive
"Pictures of Me" (Superstar In Stereo)
Live/Rare MP3s (Umbrella Music)
Watch Live Show from The Exclaim Party (Toronto 04.01.00)
Frontman War Tour Treaty (written by Gaven and Matt)