The Elevature EP

Want to know more about the wonderful EP by The Flashing Lights?  Well, Matt and Gaven have taken a moment to write a little "story" about each of the tracks and what they're "about."

Never Let You Live It Down
'Never let you live it down' is an ambiguous riposte (MATT)

Up All Night
"Up all night, was originally performed by a band from detroit called (the) SRC short for the Scott Richards' Case, after their singer....they started playing RnB in a pretty things meets cream style...then progressed into a more avant garde-progressive pop sound with a very moody, melodramatic, heavy acid rock feel...complimented by some top notch heavy rock-bubblegum style pop..more of a british style psychedelic feel than their detroit contemporaries.  Almost all their albums feature GREIG covers...(hall of the mountain king, morning mood, the angel song etc.) odd. The SCR played with The MC5, Stooges, Alice Cooper, The UP, The Rationals and other detroit area bands throughout the sixties." (GAVEN)

Aunties and Uncles
'Aunties and Uncles', as I was recently reminded, is the name of a Jam song. But, I took the title from the restaurant of the same name in Toronto- although the lyrics are not about the restaurant. Picture a couple of aging hipsters who are not happy with anything- pissed off because they're themselves. (MATT)

Windows of a Bus
'Windows of a bus' is about the vanity of Toronto. My least favorite aspect of my new home. (MATT)

Elevature EP
Want to pick up this release?  All the info. you need is here.