M E E T  T H E  F L A S H I N G  L I G H T S 
Here is an interview conducted by various fans of The Flashing Lights.  People sent in their questions, the band answered them and the results are below! Enjoy!

Q: I know that it is very cliche, but what is the oddest thing that has happened to you while on tour? 
GAVEN: I think gaurding the cashbox vigilantly one night from the wanton and wicked serving wenches of saskatoon! try as they might, their wiles were for nought! touring with The Rabbits was odd enough..such hi-jinks ~oh my.
(submitted by BRAD WHITEHORN)

Q: For each of you who was the biggest influence on you growing up and who do you feel had the best/biggest influence in the 90's? 
GAVEN: Growing up, my parents records had a lot of influence..stuff like Donovan and The Beatles/Stones and folk music was always playing....which led me of course to punk rock 60's and 70's style but i guess The Seeds, The Chocolate Watchband, The Ramones, The Prisoners, The Milkshakes, The Incredible String Band, The Chesterfield Kings and Syd Barret's Pink Floyd were all early influences...got me on the right track i suppose early on.......although i went through a serious rocksteady and trojan reggae phaze in school....
(submitted by ANNONYMOUS)

Q: We all know it is rock star must to have beautiful well moisturized hands and manicured fingernails. Who do you think has the most superb well-kept hands in the band?
GAVEN: I like to maintain a policy of fastidious personal hygene and grooming....as a result i am always 5 minutes late for everything. mind you, this regimen does not include moisturizing creme horrible greasy stuff...yech. But yes, in order to play the organ or any instrument for that matter, one must maintain the suppleness of the fingers and the length of the fingernail should not exceed over the quick. I would think that all of us here in Flashing Lights camp maintain our fingers with the care and attention befitting musicians of our rank and stature in society.
(submitted by ALYSSA NIDER)

Q: HENRI, I heard that you have an interest in scooters and bikes?  What's your favourite model?
HENRI: I am into Vespas and Lambrettas,and have been riding them since I was 16.  I currently have one running P-series Vespa and an old TV175 Lambretta,plus a
couple project vespas I am trying to restore eventually.If you are interested in these things check out the various websites(search for keyword Vespa, Lambretta, scooterworks, etc).  I just am obsessed with them cos they are fun and look cool,are a blast to ride,fix up whatever... Started with a mod thing when I was younger and I guess I never grew out if it.(as well I am too poor to afford a car). 
(submitted by MELARDO RICHMOND)

Q: HENRI, how do YOU eat a Reese's peanut butter cup?
HENRI: Why is it so important how I eat a Reeses peanut butter cup?  I eat it with my mouth. Sometimes I like to put them in the fridge before consuming them.  Feel free to send me some. Hungrily, Henri.
(submitted by JIM O'SHANTRY)

Q: GAVEN, How do you think this new fad of velvet pants will contribute to rock and roll?  What kind of fabrics make for the best rock show outfits?
GAVEN: Fad? velvet pants?..well, as long as it's "real" velvett not some hoakey velvetteen "costume" velvett,....velvett is very hard and doesn't breath very well, making it a bit hot, Corduroy is nice, being absorbant and soft to touch. I prefer the feel of starched white linen on stage tho'~for that regal feel. ermine's pretty nice too tho'...anything that makes you feel like a paladin.  Balancing practicality with flash without looking like an extra in "Xanadu".
(submitted by JANINE)

Q: GAVEN, Is it true that you run a small boutique in little India in Toronto where you also offer classes in power yoga and pre-christian astronomy? and aren't the Tea Party clients?
GAVEN:  well, actually i'm a shop-keepers' assistant...yoga?~never touch the stuff. astronomy?~well something's got to validate my spending months building a platercine replica of stonehenge on my roof!  the tea party are often seen peering in the shop windows and leaving greasy fingerprints on the glass...then i have to go out with the windex and everything and shoo them away!...the store owner becomes frightened, he thinks they're PIRATES!
(submitted by CHAS CHANDLER)

Q: FLASHING LIGHTS, how do you think technical proficiency and great songwriting will stand up against kiddie pop and angry rap metal?  Which breed is marked for extinction?
GAVEN: well, technical proficiency has always gotten in the way of great songwriting and style/spirit, but the two combined in the right hands (provided they're not used for evil purposes) can beat out rap metal and musical faddism any day of the week, people will always and have always subconciously understood this. kiddie-pop? as long as it's "yummy yummy yummy i've got love in my tummy" it's allright by me.
Although sadly, it's down to "survival of the lowest common marketable denominator" So in these "dark ages" of rock, we are "the flashing lights" burning
brightly scortching all within our blazing path.....um yeah.
(submitted by BRIAN F)




The Flashing Lights!

photo by nettie + jennie

The Flashing Lights Brigade
MATT MURPHY - Vocals + Guitar