M E E T  T H E  F L A S H I N G  L I G H T S 
Here is an interview conducted by various fans of The Flashing Lights.  People sent in their questions, the band answered them and the results are below! Enjoy!

Q: FLASHING LIGHTS, how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a
tootsie roll brand tootsie pop?
GAVEN: "1910" for the normal man but with matt's powerful ricken-rock guitar licks the epicentre can be penetrated in "12" bars.
(submitted by BRIAN F)

Q: MATT, What direction do you see your songwriting going in the future? 
MATT:  I'm hoping to keep learning new methods and tricks for writing songs.  The greatest danger I face as a songwriter is staying the same. It's sad to see someone trying to repeat themselves only to produce, lo and behold,  a pale imitation of themsleves. So. The moral of the story is that I'd better get funky, now.
(submitted by WILL)

Q: MATT, Are there any plans to have any vinyl-only releases like singles or ep's, or releasing the new album on vinyl?
MATT: No plans to speak of. For our band, putting out vinyl is too expensive. Of course, we'd love to have the vinyl for ourselves. In fact, that would be the main motivation behind us making vinyl. That, however, would be a costly indulgence (Our new cd would look soooo good if it were a record sleeve). 45's on the other hand are fun. And I could see us putting a few those suckers out at some point.
(submitted by GRAHAM HALL)

Q: FLASHING LIGHTS, What's the earliest time of day you're able to perform?  (I hear Rik Emmett refuses to do any public appearances before 1PM!)  When are you flashing at your peak?
GAVEN: When the sun has reached it's zenith, i'm ready to think about playing at
3...... But i preform better from the hours of midnight to six.
(submitted by MANNY MOTO)

Q: MATT, Are you and Chris Murphy really cousins? *just kidding!* Here's my real question(s). Are you into the going overboard stuff a la Matt Good during live shows?...Do you feel the need to do that to visually please your fans to go along with the music? 
MATT: To which overboard types of things do you refer? The drama? The lighting? the costumes? I'm into making a show memorable and special. It must be one of a kind. Oh sure, our set list can be pretty static over a six week tour, but we never make the same mistakes in the same places. Our talent is turning those "mistakes" into "epiphanies". A more visual performence could be amazing, but I've seen a lot of smaller bands, with limited budgets really screw up their set with a bunch of half-assed slide projections of kitchy suburbia and home movies shot by a drunk and jaded art school student.(He runs the projector, too!) So I want to stay far away from that. When we eventually design a visual show, it will all about Templars and Masons.
(submitted by CHELSEA BOYACHEK)

Q: MATT, With a band as classic-sounding as you guys, it's inevitable that you get compared to the other "big"(?) classic-sounding Canadian band Sloan. (I admit, I do it myself a lot.) However, it's obvious there are differences between the two groups' music (as you guys meet Sloan's "Beatles" with your "Who", so to speak). Do you find that to be a blessing (as in more Sloan fans are likely to listen to you guys, and vice versa), or a curse?
MATT: It's good to be compared to a great band. A lot of their fans,as you noted, 
will have an affinity for our take on rock and roll. We like to think of Sloan as an orange juice and we're Italian soda pop. When someone compares us to Sloan, I understand that they either lack the vocabulary to distinguish between our two bands, or the person they are talking to does.  For instance, I would say that the Wallflowers are reminiscent of Bob Dylan. But I bet they would be uncomfortable with that comparison.  "We're not really into my dad's music... we like Donovan though." (Fictional) Anyway, back to us.  Both our bands reinterpret the past and come to similar conclusions. I hear, however, The Flashing lights are just a hair better at it.
(submitted by GLEN)




The Flashing Lights!

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The Flashing Lights Brigade
MATT MURPHY - Vocals + Guitar