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Show: 10.13.99, Windsor, ON.
Review By:  Jen Ciliska

I always wondered why everyone seems to miss Windsor on their tours.  Well, it's kind of obvious now.
The Frontman War tour played on Tuesday at Changez by Nite, a place I had never heard of/been to before.  Places in Windsor that have live bands seem to open and close faster than I can keep track of.  But Idigress...the crowd was minimal & I seemed to know half of the people - shame on you Windsor!  The venue mentioned above sucked, as did the sound guy, if you could call him that. Doors were supposed to be open at 8 - it was more like 8:45. Tables were crammed everywhere and we chose to sit in the middle.  The Flashing Lights were to have been interviewed for CJAM (University of Windsor radio) but the station was extremely disorganized & couldn't even find the FL CD!  Blaspheme!  So it was postponed, and Matt was interviewed before the opening band (some local band, not worth noting).

The Local Rabbits started off their set and then asked for any requests.  Mine - Sally Ann - was next, and I was content.  "Our Life" was played soon after but you couldn't hear Pete singing - who knows where the soundly was - I could tell you where he *wasn't* though - obviously not doing his job!!!  Argh!  So the sound wasn't good, which was disappointing, at no-fault of the LR.  Of what I can remember, "Stomp those British Knight's Down", "Highschool Hierarchy", and "61 Days" were also played.  During the last song, some audience members came on stage and played tambourine.  The girl that was up there needed to show a little more enthusiasm (C'mon!  You're on-stage with the LR!) & surely could have used some lessons from Gaven.  The LR drummer is most fun to watch - unfortunately with Changez crummy lighting, no one could see him, or much of anything, for that matter.

The Flashing Lights were fun, as usual.  They were the most spontaneous I've seen them, and Matt kept trying to get audience interaction, but no one was really into it.  (Damn you, Windsor!)  At one point Matt tried to get everyone to stand up - maybe half of them did - and mimic him.  Everyone just watched instead as Matt and Gaven did jumping jacks, running on the spot, and other synchronized dance moves.  Very amusing.  Tables were set upright to stage so Matt, of course, jumped all over them.  His cord was quite restricting though so he didn't wander too far.  And Pete came up to play harmonica for one song!

When the Frontman War hits your town, remember to get yourself a souvenir book they're giving out, a Frontman War poster, and pictures, take lots and lots of pictures for Lindsay's fan site.  The new FL shirts are also for sale!  Yes, and merch.  Support the tour and buy lots and lots of merch. I refuse to let a band I like ever play at Changez again. Otherwise everyone will be scared away from Windsor!
** Pictures from this show are available here**