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Show: 10.16.99, Kitchener, ON 
Review By: Rob Butcher 

The Front Man War! Tour made its way to Kitchener, Ontario tonight. 
Jay Tustin from the Rabbits was playing pool and the Flashing Lights' girlfriends were handling the merch. 

I was walking out for a sec. as Matt, Henri, Gavin, Steve, Pete & Ben walked in. I stoped Matt and Gavin and explained that I'd sang with Thrush Hermit back in '97, and that I've been carrying their vibe ever since. And since I'd heard they were planning a Thrush Hermit salute, and since Thrush Hermit weren't there, i said that if they could play a song, I'd sing it!! 
Matt said "..well 'back of the film is pretty simple right?" and we proceeded to sing the song to eachother trying to work out the parts.  Then i hit Matt with the bridge of the song that he was unfamiliar with and he said "...yah lost me man, next time fer sure!" 
So i was blessed. 

Anyway, after the Rabbits played, The Lights started to set up. 
Gavin's was cooler than ever before, Pitkin's kit looked dazzling, Matt's amp wasnt getting any power and Henri smokes? 

Anyway, after some setting up and some power being flooded into the amps and mics, the show was underway. 
The crowd rushed the stage. But where ws Matt? Steve said into the mic "where are without a leader!".  A girl from the audience encouraged Henri to untuck his orange dress shirt, and he did it!! Henri who is normally very proper showed us his wild side.  Then outta nowhere Matt was in the audience right beside me with a jug of ice water and his stage outfit on! 
He pointed at Pitkin and the drummer began the intro to the, well, the intro!!!  "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Flashing Lights review!!" belted Matt, and the crowd went nuts!!  Now I've seen the Lights before but never have i seen such a crowd reaction. It was insane, and the band knew it!!  They were smiling and giggling behind their haircuts at how well they were going over.  They did the intro and as they went into "Highschool" Matt remarked "..we just put out a video for this one, so phone, fax, and email Muchmusic and fucking request it!!"  Everyone went crazy, and Matt knew they would follow orders. The show was incredible.  Henri lept to his knees and played his bass high in the air, Gavin played two tambourines at once!!!!  He also feel to his knees and played his keyboard like he was out to destroy it once and for all.  Pitkin had all of the caress and finess of a classical drummer but the sheer power of a rocker!!  He twirled sticks, he yelled, he sang, it was great!!  I've never seen a band that seems so happy to be playing their own songs!!  They closed with "Elevature" and a cover of that old song thats actually called "The Flashing Lights". 
I picked up one of the new shirts too. It's cool, its white with gold and black writing, and it says "The Flashing Lights Are On!!". 
I recomend that you all pick one up!  I talked to Matty Matt (as J.L.P. would say) after the show again and i got a picture with him. 
I took soo many pics for this show, which i Will be sending to the webmaster here, so stay tuned. 
-Rob (Not Benvie)