Show Reviews

Show: 10.20.99  Kingston, ON
Review By:  Kirsten

I went to see the Frontman War show in Kingston last night. Man, it blew my mind.  It was truthfully, the best show I have ever seen.  Better than Change of Heart and Wilco at ARA in 96, better (but mostly different) than the Rheostatics at Greensprouts music week, better than By Divine Right at the Hillside festival (my past highlight shows,) and definitely better than Frontman War in Peterborough last Tuesday.

 The Local Rabbits started off their set with Sally Ann and rocked on from there.  The crowd was pretty amicable, though I don't understand how people are content to just sit in chairs when bands like this are playing.  There were surely some die-hard Rabbit fans in the crowd, and towards the end of the set, the band finally satisfied the crowd's demands for Stomp Your BKs Down.  That song went in so many different directions last night... it was huge.  The Rabbits also played a bunch of new stuff.  Gut stuff! And they should've played an encore!  My vote was for Highschool Hierarchy.

 Ah... then came the Flashing Lights.  Matt Murphy put on an amazing show.  Um, I can't even remember what the 'Lights played when, but they played pretty much everything from their album, plus some new tunes. Begun with the usual introduction, and ended with ELEVATURE, during which Matt was all over the place.  It was great!  Then he decided to shed his shirt, and with the help of Peter Elkas, beat those dastardly cufflinks and leapt up on a bar table to windmill his way into everyone's hearts.  People (at least those around me) went nuts, practically climbing all over each other to get nearer the table.  Everyone wanted a piece of him I think, literally.  He almost didn't get his shirt back.  The 'Lights played a good encore, but once again, I was so wired, I can't
even remember which songs it consisted of.   And getting back into the car for the long drive home to Tweed, all my friend and I could do was exchange looks, giggle and sigh.  Oh yes, *that* was a SHOW.

How can one be so happy and content, yet so desiring to see another show, *right away*!?  Perhaps even considering driving to Toronto on three hours of sleep to see them at the Opera House?  We shall see.