Henri Sangalang!
  • Name: Henri Enrique Sangalang
  • Eyes: two of them
  • Birthday: June 1, 1968 (but two months earlier than supposed)
  • Sign: Gemini
  • Favourite Colour: chrome or silver
  • Favourite Music: tough, but Motown and Stax seem to deliver consistently
  • Favourite Album: restriced to jazz it would be Bill Evan'a Village Vanguard sessions
  • Favourite Car:  not so into cars as scooters like Vespas and Lambrettas
  • Favourite Day of the Year: First sunny day to ride without a heavy coat
  • Favourite Article of Clothing: currently a suede jacket
  • Favourite Movie: dunno but "Blow Up" is somowhere in the top
  • Favourite Novel: Breakfast at Tiffany's (not the movei but the darker Capote version)
  • Favourite Band: Flashing Lights!!  Oh, besides us, then too many to list.
  • Favourite Singer: Someone like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Somkey Robinson
  • Favourite Actor: hmm.. Daniel Day Lew in "My Beautiful Landerette" was good
  • Favourite Actress: Julie Christie but it could be because I recently saw a cute pic. of her
  • Favourite Monkee: Mike Nesmith
  • Favourite Beatle: George Harrison (but Paul's bass playing is awesome)
  • Favourite Musical Key: B flat for jazz, but D or G are people's keys
  • Favourite Food: Sushi
  • Favourite "Childhood Memory": chewing on the foot of a stuffed monkey that was bigger than I was circa age two or something.
  • Favourite Exercise: Tennis anyone?
What cartoon character did you idolize as a kid?
Bugs Bunny, though I felt bad for Marvin Martian having to go back to the drawing board as a result of his pranks.
What was the most embarassing moment of your life?
Probably the first time performing live at a high school variety show.
What, in your opinion, is the greatest guitar solo of all time?
Not really a solo but all th elittle bits that Steve Cropper played on Stax recordings.
Where would you spend your dream vacation? What would you do?
Go to Spain and drive a scooter by the Mediterraneans, sip on Gin and tonics, and play music.
If you were in another band, what would you name your group and album?
My other band is The Flashing Lights.
What is the strangest gift you've ever received?
A cantaloupe with much kindness.
What was the best advice ever give to you?
Don't be too hard on yourself, or what are you so upset about, she was a freak.
What is your favourite thing about being in The Flashing Lights?
The long questionaires.
What one word do you think best describes you?
What are you afraid of?
Everything sometimes.
What musicians inspired you to pursue music?
Frinds that I started playing with but as far as big time people, Charlie Haden.
Do you have any secret talents? If so, please explain!
I dunno, it's been a while...
Who is your favourite member of The Flashing Lights?
Our imaginary roadie.
Which member of The FLs talks the most? Talks the least?
Gaven, I think.  Me the least.
Which member seems to have the most fun on stage?
We all have fun but I think Matt's the most extroverted.
Who has the most style and is most concerned with fashion?
Our imaginary roadie but he doesn't have as many nice jackets as Gave or I.
Who is the most shy member of the band? The most outgoing?
Me and our imaginary roadie.
Use one word to describe each of your bandmates...
Steve is "flash", Matt is "ing", Gaven is "ligh" and Henri is "ts".