Chat Transcript

Transcript from chat on Thursday March 2nd, 2000 with Gaven and Matt.
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] = Gaven and Matt "We Like Pie" Flashing Lights.

[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Gaven and Matt here at the presidential suite.  For those who seek answers, ply us with questions.

[harrison] - new video?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Yeah. It will be shot in a couple of weeks.  Imagine "Gimme Shelter" mixed with "Born To Boogie."

..several questions about touring...
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Sydney is on our list, but it is a little ways down the list.  When we go to Halifax, we'll surely come your way... Boston will be hit in the month of may.  Our record comes out on March 31 down there, so that seems like the right time to convert the unwashed... Detroit will also be hit in may... Newfoundland will be paid a visit when Great Big Sea fall into it.

[Jaymz] - How would an indie band go about trying to open up for you guys?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Follow the instructions laid out in the Front Man War Journal.

[Moog_Lightning] - hey matt, when u guys comin to guelph?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Guelph can suck an egg. Come to Kitchener.

[LauraQ] - question: if you had to name one song that you didn't write, but wish that you did, what would it be?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - I like the song "Blue Monday."

[JohnLR] - i asked this question before.... If you could get any rock star on this planet to play with you, who would it be?  I mean, in addition to the other guys... just for a song or two.
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Gaven says Marc Bolan.  I say Eddie Cochrane.

[cam] - I have a question::::: What would you like to do to all the people that ask if you are related to Chris Murphy
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - I'd like to tell them to quite looking for answers in genetics.I

[RaspberryZinger] - yea what is your fave tv show??
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Antique Road Show - By far.

[daydreamer] - boxers or briefs?

[JJ] - matt, have you kissed gaven?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - I kissed his hand when we first met.

[andrew] - Do you guys have jobs?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Gaven runes a small curio shop in little India.  Matt sells advice to troubled parents.

[JohnLR] - Did Any Of You Take Music Lessons?
[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - I took violin lessons, so did Matt.  Henri took bass lessons.

[FLASHINGLIGHTS] -  Good night everybody.  Thanks for hanging around and being such good fans.  We can't wait for tomorrow.  How will I sleep?  I can't stop crying.  And next time you are in little India, be sure to stop and see the old bean Gaven.  He might give you a sitar recital and a taste of marmalade. or marmite if you are rude.

[FLASHINGLIGHTS] - Bye.  We Looooooovvvveeee Yououooooooouuo! Gooooood Nigheieieieieieieiet!  Bapdidleybombdiemboom.

*special thanks to picode for help with "transcribing" the chat.*

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