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Band Biography
“I met Henri when I was in grade 8,” Matt Murphy reminisces. “He came over to my neighbor’s house wearing a Jam shirt. I was like, ‘Hey, right on! I like the Jam.’” 

Thus began a rock ‘n’ roll friendship that would eventually lead singer-guitarist Murphy and bassist Henri Sangalang to move from Halifax to Toronto and become the exceptionally fine Flashing Lights, along with drummer Steve Pitkin and keyboardist, tambourine taper and harmonica hooter Gaven Dianda. 

Sangalang and Murphy formed their first band together in grade 12, and Sangalang insists that the music they made at the time was “influential on what we’re playing now, except we have some proficiency in our playing.” 

Approximately two-and-a-half years ago, Murphy was playing in various other bands around Halifax (including good-time country outfit Little Orton Hoggett) when he decided to jumpstart the Flashing Lights as a 60’s cover band, playing songs by the Kinks, the Yardbirds, and the Who. Upon the demise of the Super Friendz, Murphy made the Flashing Lights a full-time vehicle for his own 60’s-inspired yet undeniably ‘90s creations. 

While it might be thought that Murphy’s instantly recognizable voice would make the Flashing Lights indistinguishable from the Super Friendz, the band’s distinct flavour is apparent. While gems like Elevature and the first single, Where Do the Days Go, could have been Slide Show-era Super Friendz numbers, the punchy power-pop arrangements are uniquely Flashing Lights.
Source: Rock The Mill Program
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Band Members
Matt Murphy:: guitar/vocals
Henri Sangalang:: bass
Gaven Dianda:: organ/tambourine
Steve Pitkin:: drums

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