The Flashing Lights Audio and MP3

To listen to Real Audio you must have a real audio.  To download an MP3 you must have an mp3 player. ALL SONGS BY MATT MURPHY (OF THE FLASHING LIGHTS) © 1999-2000 SOCAN/THE FLASHING LIGHTS.

Sweet Release S W E E T  R E L E A S E
Real Audio: (check back soon)

MP3: Since They Were Crowned (more to come)

Elevature (EP) E L E V A T U R E   E P
Real Audio: Elevature

MP3: Aunties & Uncles, Nothing To Be Sad About

Where The Change Is W H E R E   T H E   C H A N G E   T H I S
Real Audio:Where Do The Days Go?, Highschool

MP3: Where The Change Is, Highschool, Half The Time

Additional MP3s:umbrella music,, and the rarities page