1999:: In Review

Where The Change Is  On Mike Bullard  NxNE 1999  In EyE Magazine!

As the year winds down, I thought it would be appropriate to remember all the great things that happened this year for the beloved Flashing Lights. 

It all began on May 4th when "Where The Change Is" was released in Canada. Probably one of my favourite albums of the year and I know I'm not alone on this one. Such a well crafted album that shows off the sweet vocals and writing talents of Matt Murphy and the intensity of The Flashing Lights as a band. 

This intensity was continued into their live performances, and yes, there have been many great ones this year. There was the spirited TV debut of the Lights on Open Mike: With Mike Bullard which caught a few viewers' attention no doubt. The high level of engery that fans came to expect in the Lights continued on into dazzling shows such as the two at NxNe in June. The broadcast of their set on CBC Radiosonic made it possible for their growing fan base around the country to tune in and "get switched on."

The Flashing Lights gained much worthy attention throughout the year and were featured on the cover of Eye Magazine. By this point, they were gaining fans all around Canada and fans were craving a good rock and roll tour with The Lights at the healm. Their popularity was rising!

The Lights proceeded to play shows in Ontario throughout the summer. The fall brought fourth the release of their outstanding music video for "Highschool." The video features many rock poses and lots of enthusiasm that one has come to expect from the Flashing Lights. With this video out, the Lights embarked on a Frontman War Tour with friends, Local Rabbits! The tour went east coast to west and fans that had never seen the Lights were delighted to be able to share in the experience.

In reflection, it was a big debut year for The Flashing Lights. They got well deserved air time on local radio stations and Much Music and completed a very successful Canadian tour. What's in store for 2000? Well, it can only get better from here!

A special thanks to The Flashing Lights for some great music and shows this year and for being overall nice guys. Congratulations on setting the standard for Independent Rock in Canada and for having fun while doing it!
By: Lindsay Lynch